First locate who the actual utility providers are in your area.  Do this investigation of who are the carriers first, before just accepting just what you have “heard”.    Next step, compare electric bills on line.  Visit the CHOOSE ENERGY website, type in your zip code, compare rates for electricity and natural gas suppliers in your area.  Another good site is MY UTILITIES, enter your address and compare prices while finding the best electrical companies providing energy near you.

The next smart investigative tasks is to actually ask the seller of the property you want to put a contract on, for a copy of your utility expenses.  Certainly this information can give you valuable information as to how the seasons can and will impact your electric and natural gas bill through out the year!   For more, I personally if I am purchasing rental, secondary or owner occupied, I will get a (HERS) Home Energy Rating System report, which can be done by your local electricity provider.

Use these helpful tools and reach out to me when you are ready for a “pre-approval” letter, not just another flimsy pre-qual letter.  You may reach me Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday by appointment at 214-551-0809.  Text me anytime.  Happy budgeting!


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