Have A Plan If You Are Selling

If you are selling your home in this overly heated North Texas real estate market, think long and hard about what you want to get out of the transaction as the seller of a property.  Am I selling to move to a larger home to raise children, am I right-sizing because I am now an empty nester, or am I selling to have a more comfortable commute to work?    Whatever the reason for selling, make sure that if you want to purchase and close simultaneously, you have a very hard working Real Estate Agent who has given you the best options, based on your needs assessment.  If your goal is to turn around and purchase simultaneously you do not have time to dilly-dally around unless you want to find yourself without a home to move too.  So make your needs known, get your Real Estate Agent to work for you and make a wise purchase and soon!  Many investors are picking up any home less than $225,000. and turning it to a rental property, so know before you sell!!!!!!

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